Application and Admission

Each year a number of (approximately) 20 students will be admitted to Year 1 and Year 2. Our ambition is to create a dynamic group from different personalities, regardless of gender, age and ethnic background.

Applicants should have earlier experience of theater / movement / voice - from aesthetic program in high school, or other forms from theater groups / stage production or from working on a film project. You need to have three years of Swedish secondary education in order to apply (or the equivalent of that in your country). On the right side of this page you will find a link to the application form.

As of autumn 2018, the teaching can be done in both English and Swedish as we open up for foreign students.


The application for the next school year (2020-2021) is due at the latest on April 15 2020.

To apply to the Acting Program, please fill out this form:

Application form (pdf)

Print out the form and complete it by hand. Then send it together with required certifications, grades, work samples, cover letter, and birth certificate by regular mail or digitally by e-mail.

Mailing address

Molkoms folkhögskola
Box 66
655 02 Molkom

E-mail address

About the application

In order for your application to be valid, you must also submit:

  • Birth certificate
  • Personal letter (Describe why you are looking, who you are, what you did in the area)
  • Rating of the latest highest education (Ex gymnasium)
  • (Possible) work certificate (Certificate from the latest workplaces about what was included in the service)
  • References (Not a family member or close friend)
  • Previous experience
  • Excerpt from the police's tax register (Applies only to application year 2)
    As you work practically as a teacher outside the school during the year, we are by law obliged to request this excerpt. You ask yourself to get the extract from the police.

We will send you a confirmation that we have received your application within a week. If you don´t get the confirmation we kindly ask you to contact us.

If your application is incomplete you will be asked to send in the missing information, otherwise we cannot process your application.

Further application procedure

Film and Acting have admission days, when we invite a number of applicants to our School for interviews . After the admission work ends, some of the applicants are called to the school for a practical admission examination (acting, film and scene) and interview. Audition and interviews are conducted during May and June. You do not need to prepare any material for the audition.

Please contact us if you cannot be here in person, so we can arrange a Skype interview and and try-outs instead.

You will receive a notification if you are admitted or not at the end of June (at the latest).

When admitted, you will have to confirm your position by paying an admission fee of 300 SEK. This sum will be transferred to your class fund and used for study trips.